Rayphoria   Don’t you hate it when other peopl…

Don’t you hate it when other people steal your blog titles? *sigh*
So last week was tres busy. McNamara made me close Buddha bar with him on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday was Tammy’s 35th birthday party. And there were a bunch of press events. Adding all those things together made for a lot of “on” time. I behave (or try to) a certain way among flaks. My personna is a little different for the other journos. The camera requires a different character. And I have to be something else entirely around people I don’t know. Unfortunately it got to the point where I couldn’t turn it off and just be me. There were several instances when I was around coworkers or people that know me relatively well and I kept putting on a little show. I really wanted to tell myself to shut the *&%$ up.
Saturday I kept getting calls to do stuff. Since I’m away the next two weekends, I probably should have gone out and caught up with people I haven’t seen for a bit and won’t see for a bit longer. Instead I went to the gym, took a long nap, and played Mario Golf. Oh, when I actually tricked myself into going out, I got into a fight instead–same old argument, different day.

Oh, I want to send the evite for our housewarming party but there are two issues. 1) There might be some travel conflicts. 2) My roommates won’t let me name the party Rayphoria.

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