Shoe Therapy After a lazy trip to Sunnyvale, I …

Shoe Therapy

After a lazy trip to Sunnyvale, I managed to convince myself that I was really distraught for missing 90 minutes of my life last weekend. When I’m distraught, my first instinct is to go shopping. Since I’ve been boxing and eating a bit better, most of my clothes are a little big for me. I still need to get smaller for September so I probably shouldn’t buy more clothes. So what does that leave me to buy? Shoes!!! Of course, I don’t really need an excuse to buy shoes (ever). I blame it on my Filipinosity. Ryan accompanied me to pick up my new shades and make my biweekly pilgrimage to Lush. I’ve learned that Ryan is a good shopping enabler. I ended up getting these really weird, really orange Kenneth Cole flip-flops. They were only $17, which justified the orangeness in my mind. Plus I really miss Steve, and that brown mo-fo looks suave in orange. I also got these Campers Twins flip-flops. They may or may not have been $90. I really love them and they’re cool. Oh, further justification–I’m going to be in Los Angeles and Cabo soon, so I need flip-flops. (Never mind that I bought two pairs of Aldo flip-flops in the last month.)

I have a new neurotic obsession. Recently I was told that someone described me as “charismatic but cruel” and the words have been haunting me ever since. For most of today I kept telling myself, “You’re not cruel. You love your friends.” I silently repeated this to myself every five minutes or so. Then I’d go about continuing my hazing of the new Cuban kid and the new Belgian kid at work. Those cigars and waffles will be lovely.

Seriously though, I’m not cruel. Most of the time I’m pretty happy/shiny on the outside. Maybe sometimes I show my affection in unusual ways. That stems from Suite 704 in Dutch Quad. If you visited our dorm and we didn’t raz you then it meant we didn’t like you. I’m not cruel. Really.

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