I, Olympian So I spent today in Colorado Spring…

I, Olympian

So I spent today in Colorado Springs at The United States Olympic Training Facility. To my surprise, the trip was rather fun. I really don’t like the way the U.S. handles the Olympics and I despise that many American professional athletes participate in the event (especially jerks like Andy Roddick not wanting to stay in the Olympic Village), but it was really nice meeting the younger athletes. They have a certain purity about their quest for the gold and their enthusiasm was awesome to be around. Anyway, here are some tidbits from the trip and my travels as of late.

– I wore a 2004 Canadian Olympics Team shirt. I thought it was really rather funny to sport it at the U.S. Training Facility, but nobody else found it as humorous as I did.

– We got to fire air rifles. I’ve discovered that I’m the worst shot ever. There are three reasons for this. 1) Guns just make me nervous. 2) I’d get too impatient while aiming and just fire to get it over with. 3) I’m really much better with swords.

– Female gymnasts are really hot.

– Olympians and prospectives get to dine at the second-best cafeteria I’ve ever been to (next to the one at Matt J’s old law firm).

– Once again, I defied the weatherman. It was supposed to be thunderstormtastic, but it was gorgeous and sunny.

– Spending an hour on the Stairmaster in high altitude is tiring. I’m not sure why I forgot this would happen since I was in high altitude not too long ago.

– I’m in a pretty relaxed mood considering I’ve been on five airplanes in the last three days.

– I’m starting to fall into that zone where I’m much more comfortable on the road than at home. It feels more natural sleeping in a hotel (which is surprising considering how lovely my bed is). My mind is more at ease when I’m in some other city. “I wonder what you’re running from now?” asked the Raymond.

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