Binary Time! Good: Making the weatherman look f…

Binary Time!

Good: Making the weatherman look foolish by enjoying a brilliantly gorgeous weekend when he forecasted rain and clouds.

Bad: Getting brilliantly gorgeous weather when you were secretly hoping rain and clouds would sabotage a potential…uhm…thing.

Good: Yummy mummies.

Good: Sangria.

Good: Having fun and learning new things while secretly plotting to show people how ridiculous (part of) their idea is.

Good: Pretty Japanese maples.

Bad: Pretty Japanese maples that have large vents attached to them.

Bad: Looking for something you swore was there and turning around just before it because of an eensy bit of doubt.

Good: Having the ultimate companion when you’re aimlessly wandering.

Good: Multi-mile walks by the beach.

Good: Gaining a better understanding of yourself and important bonds.

Bad: Still feeling purposeless.

Bad: Women that try to emasculate you by eating their food and drinking their coffee faster then you ever imagined they were capable of.

Good: Greatly enjoying the company of said food & beverage vacuum.

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