Bloggery and Semantics Before I get to today’s …

Bloggery and Semantics

Before I get to today’s rant, here are the pics from last Saturday’s karaoke.

I’ve felt weird about blogging lately. Random people have been saying things like, “Yeah, I read that in your blog,” and I find it disconcerting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know anyone can find it if they really want to and part of the reason it’s here is to help people I don’t talk to all the time keep track of me (I love/miss you cousin Mae!). It’s just weird to have people that scarcely know me read my silly thoughts. Over the last few months there have been more and more personal and professional things that I can’t write about. When you add that to the random readers, blogging as a form of self therapy isn’t what it used to be.

Xtina was chiding me for not using Movable Type to blog. She says she wants to leave comments and stuff. It’s a bit hypocritical since I’m fond of leaving comments on other people’s Live Journals, but I don’t want anyone else typing on my blog. It’s my stage and I don’t want to share the spotlight. To steal the immortal words of Chris Jericho, “It’s my show ass clown.”

Heh. The last two graphs illustrate how I simultaneously adore and abhore attention. Perhaps Katherine is right. I’m just silly.

Lastly, I want to address two things that Little Miss Know-it-All has been razzing me about. Firstly, a person that helps you find extracurricular work is not an agent. Second of all, questions require interrogative statements used to test knowledge. Never mind that I stole that second bit from Airplane! It’s true.

Now excuse me as I get ready to run off to my happy place.

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