Phone Phun Last night I had a fairly extravagan…

Phone Phun

Last night I had a fairly extravagant dinner and an excessive amount of wine (+1 vodka, +1 port). I don’t really remember the last time I had a fancy dinner with all the trimmings, but it made think of Gertrude (my old boss at Ziff who was quite the gastronome). It was a rather lovely way to celebrate Xian’s birthday and to give myself a little reward for beating myself up at the gym.

As for the wine, it’s been nearly a month since I had a drink…and boy did it show. There are lots of details that I probably shouldn’t share, but it went something like this:

– I made 15 drunk dials. I think it’s a new personal record. I remember calling Shane twice to tell him how much I hate his cat and how Will’s cat is by far the superior feline.
– My neuroses kicked up a whole new level while I was sauced.
– I wrote a not-so-nice message on our whiteboard.
Sprint text messaged me the next morning to tell me that my (free) phone will be turned off on 6/30. I knew I shouldn’t have made that call to China.
– Carlos and I figured it out. My phone should have a breathalyzer so that I can’t use it after two drinks.

I forgot how much I really enjoy wine. Next time I’ll ask Ryan to leave an XL1 out to preserve my drunkenness and put it in a time capsule so that future generations may benefit from my silliness.

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