Championship Rounds Justin and I had a pretty n…

Championship Rounds

Justin and I had a pretty nice workout. Since I wasn’t lifting and he was there to motivate me, we went 12 rounds instead of my usual ten. For the uninitiated, 12 rounds is what they fight for championships these days. In the old days, when men were men (or really, before television imposed its will on boxing) championship fights were 15 rounds. Anyway, we spent eight rounds alternating between the heavy bags, double ended bags, and the duck rope. Then we went four rounds in the ring for some target punching. Moving around the ring for three minutes is hard. Punching for three minutes is hard. Combining the two is really difficult. It was lots of fun though and we didn’t hurt each other–bonus!

Tuesday was pretty boss in general. I went to a cool industry mixer at The Metreon. I wasn’t feeling like “secretive girl” (think The Fairways) so I was able to chat with lots of people without ridiculously neurotic thoughts bouncing in my head…well, less ridiculously neurotic thoughts were bouncing around than usual. Plus, my beloved Detroit Pistons vanquished the Lakers!!! I’m so jazzed at the team Joe D (my favorite player ever) has assembled. Lunch was even interesting, with an unplanned trip to beautiful, blissful Millbrae and a surprise visitor.

On a weird note, I really need one of my hippie friends to gauge my vibe. Lately I’ve been getting some curious reactions and I’m starting to wonder if it’s because I’m not nearly as miserable as I was during that Sandra phase. In some ways it’s amusing. In other ways it could lead to some minor annoyances. I’ll need to give this some thought and really get an outside opinion. I mean, I know I’ve been happier the last several months and since I’ve started training again I feel even cooler. I’m just wondering what kind of energy I give off now. A-ha! Glenda will know. Must. See. Her. Soon.

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