Raymond II Last Friday I made my triumphant ret…

Raymond II

Last Friday I made my triumphant return to World Gym. I lifted weights for a bit, did some crunches, and went ten rounds. It was cool going back to where I used to box. What I’ve discovered is that my left hook is still okay, my jab is still pretty decent, my uppercuts are mediocre, and my right has gone from average to crap. I’ll work on things though and see what happens. It was just really nice to be boxing again.

After the gym, I made a totally cool midnight entrance at Shane’s party. It was pretty fun, thought it was odd–though interestingly entertaining–sipping diet cokes as other people were totally hammered. The scariest part of the evening was listening to Gifford butcher multiple Beatles’ songs.

Saturday I tanned on our porch for an hour. Then Xian, Jarik, Monica, and I went out for some Filipino food. Then I took a long nap because I was sore from boxing. To cap it all off, I made another spectacularly late arrival (11:00PM) to a friend’s bachelor party. Like most bachelor parties, this one got…interesting.

The late arrivals are pretty necessary these days. If I hadn’t arrived late for both parties, there’s no way in Hades I would have been able to stay out as long as I did. Getting back well past 4:00AM isn’t in these bones anymore…unless I start past 11:00PM!

My productivity continued on Sunday…after 90 minutes of tanning, that is. Xian, Ryan, and I went to Ikea. I bought a stand for my beautiful 46-inch Samsung DLP. I watched the Pistons smack the Lakers around again (tee-hee) while I put together the TV stand and my Herman Miller Mirra. Finally, I spent the rest of the night setting up my consoles and other electronics.

And today I’m working from home so I can instruct the cable guy on where to put my HD cable box (it’s going to be cool). I think I’ll attempt ten more round later this afternoon.

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