Jeff Vader So my old college buddy, current bus…

Jeff Vader

So my old college buddy, current business colleague, and forever friend (that I’ll always think of prancing around the dorm in a white terry cloth Ralph Lauren robe that was too big for him) is not accepting his new nickname. Eddie Izzard inspired me to start calling him “Jeff Vader” and he is…resisting his new moniker. Perhaps I should explain to him why it’s funny, but it’s funnier to me if he doesn’t know why. Oh well.

In other news, a bunch of press events have popped up. And here I thought I’d be free of them until August. Most of the stuff is local, but there are events in Los Angeles and Colorado Springs too. I wish publishers would have their events in Hawaii again. Oh well, at least there’s Cabo. So what was I saying…oh yeah, I really didn’t want to put on the press-junket face for several more weeks. It takes a lot of energy to be this charming. “Oh, it’s true.”

On a totally non-related note, June is apparently television month. I should have a rather beautiful DLP coming in the next week and a DLP projector coming at the end of the month. I’m thinking of getting an 80-inch screen to accompany the projector. Playing Soul Calibur on that will be awesome. It’s as if I was controlling a real person.

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