Return to The OC This weekend I decided to run …

Return to The OC

This weekend I decided to run away to Orange County. While it’s always good to have some fun in the sun (and pools and hot tubs), there was something else calling me here. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I finally figured it out. More on that on Tuesday.

So I’m still shaking off this cold. It’s still here, but I feel much better than I did on Friday. Relaxing, tanning, hot tubbing, and two workouts a day are helping me get it out of my system. There aren’t many things I miss in The OC, but the amenities at Villa Siena are quite lovely. If only our large terrace was sturdy enough to hold a hot tub….

I’ve really enjoyed watching The Pistons in the playoffs. I’ve been a fan since the early ’80s (think Kelly Tripucka) and The Bad Boys days were awesome. It was tough watching them from the mid ’90s on, but the last few years have been great. And now it looks like they’ll make it back to the NBA finals. The new Pistons play killer defense, but in a much different way than The Bad Boys. It’s cool to watch their low-scoring, tenacious-defense games.

Oh, in my video-game life I joined the 1up beta. I even started my own fan club (as egotist Raymond, of course). It’s a really slick site. As Peter B noticed, I love social networking sites like Friendster and Orkut, plus I love blogging. Combining these things with gaming content rules.

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