Randomosity – After eight months of abandonment…


– After eight months of abandonment, Raina is back in my life. It was lovely seeing her and catching up. It will probably be four months before I see her again.

– I feel like Charlotte. “I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.”

– I’m really enjoying my new iRiver. It’s super functional and has a lithium-polymer battery. Lithium-ion is for suckers–much like shoelaces.

– My home office will have a new centerpiece. I’ve ordered a Mirra (in green, naturally).

– I’m still trying to figure out how to reward myself for E3. Originally I thought I’d go crazy at the Campers store, but I really want to run away to somewhere. Hawaii is always a good idea. Costa Rica might be more interesting.

Joss Stone has captured my heart. I can’t believe that voice comes out of a 16-year old girl.

Biba Golic is the hottest table tennis player ever.

– I finally got around to posting the pictures to Ray-B-Q Final. *sniff* Memories…from the corners of my mind….

– And here are some random E3 2004 pics.

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