Blogging for Dollars I’ll be on double blog det…

Blogging for Dollars

I’ll be on double blog detail this week. My real stuff will go here of course, but for one week only the gaming world will be treated to Raymond’s Super Terrific Happy E3 2004 Blog. It’ll be fun since I’ll get to play around a bit. It’ll all be real and honest, but it’ll only come from a certain aspect of my personality…that’s cranked to 11. Think of it as blogging in character. I’m not sure how arrogant I want to make it yet. That’s always fun…even if people don’t get the joke. Actually it’s more fun when they don’t get it.

I saw my daughter over the weekend! She’s as cool as ever and oh-so grown up. She displayed poor drinking abilities though and I’m not sure what’s up with that. She’ll have to prove herself next week.

So the big show starts tomorrow. I wasn’t sure how much I could give this year. For a while, I was actually determined to give a good, but not great effort. But Jiminy Cricket (Ben) kept me in check and I’ll give it a strong one. I can’t do it like I did last year — which was the least fun I’ve ever had at E3 — but I’ll try hard. I will get hammered on Thursday at the Sony shindig.

Oh well, back to writing.

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