Blahtastic So I made my almost-but-not-quite fi…


So I made my almost-but-not-quite final list of games that my team is supposed to cover next week at E3. It’s mildly terrifying. There’s no way we can do all of it with the staff we have…and it’ll take a tremendous effort to cover most of it. I knew this all before, but seeing it on paper really made it hit home.

Lately I’ve been ending words with “tastic” or “licious” or “rama” and I have no idea why. Perhaps I’ve killed enough brain cells to the point where I can no longer remember nifty words that I once knew.

My room is nearly complete. It only needs two more pieces of furniture — a desk and a TV stand — to be finished. Hopefully it’s all settled by mid-June.

I’m supposed to write six previews this week, but think I can only manage five. There’s one I’m really not excited to write and another that’s been done to death already. Then there’s all the pre-E3 stories I’m supposed to write by next week. I think there’s 20-something on my list, which isn’t too bad considering Ben has much more.

I’m flying to L.A. tomorrow for a shoot. It should be lots of fun. Hopefully they let me wear shades because I’ll have two carry-ons under my eyes, which should be a lovely shade of red tomorrow morning.

One of our competitor’s unveiled bits of its redesign, which contains many elements some friends of mine have been talking about for a long time. We could have been first if we knew some rich white man that would give us lots of money. It’s cool to see because it validates many of the ideas we threw around, but it sucks that we couldn’t do it.

I’ve reneged on my negative stance against three-way transformable faeries. I actually think they’re rather cool now and can totally envision them in a cartoon or as a toy.

I have writer’s block and feel listless. Hopefully I’m just tired from being up at 4:00AM.

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