Deathtrap Dungeon First, download these movies …

Deathtrap Dungeon

First, download these movies (please)! The WWE one was lots of fun, though my intro really sucked (sue me, I’m still learning). Ray and Greg are always cool to hang with. And the Microsoft one was kind of blah. Great stuff on Ryan’s part.

Last night I went to Fluid to support James’ DJ-ing. It’s just like old times — Rannie and me going to see James spin. A bunch of Konami people arrived slightly after we did, so it was cool to catch up with them and learn more about their super-secret game. I’ll post some pics later.

So my new apartment may or may not be a deathtrap. I’m kind of indifferent about the whole thing. If the place turns out to be okay then I still have an awesome place to live in. If it doesn’t, then I can move to Potrero Hill like I originally wanted to. A local move wouldn’t be such a hassle. Especially since I’m not going to unpack much, just in case.

Still, I’m feeling really good despite the wacky apartment stuff and wacky work stuff. Ha ha! My powers can’t be stopped by such little things.

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