Two Tales When I first moved to Villa Siena, I …

Two Tales

When I first moved to Villa Siena, I thought for sure that it would be the nicest place I ever lived in. I mean, I knew I’d end up back in the city and probably couldn’t afford a place like the one I have now. Surprisingly, my new apartment is ever cooler! It doesn’t have pools and hot tubs (though I’m working on that), but it’s just such an amazing apartment.

The other story on my mind is about someone who shall be referred to as “PR blondie.” We were both really drunk at a party last year and ended up fooling around. I didn’t remember at all, and she mentioned it jokingly a few months later. At first I didn’t believe and thought she was messing with me, but then she was describing how I kiss and I was all, “Oh, that was me.”

It’s been on my mind lately because when I kiss the…uhmm…girl I’m really crazy about, I get so jazzed and can’t really kiss the way I usually do. I’m just so caught up in her that the only thing I can do is try to kiss like her. Since I have no idea what I’m doing when I kiss her, she probably thinks I’m the worst kisser ever. Bummer.

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