New York, New York Sucks Too All the good video…

New York, New York Sucks Too

All the good video-poker machines are gone from NY, NY. It’s a damn shame since that was the one place on that end of the strip with decent video poker. That discovery and leaving my phone charger at The Venetian were the only downers of my trip…which was probably the most fun I’ve had in Vegas outside of Esmond’s bachelor party.

Friday was really ridiculous. Reilly got a private booth at Light (The Bellagio). Many bottles of Belvedere were consumed and the booth came with some really pretty girls. My favorite was Josie, who was this sexy, tiny thing. It was a really decadent time…but it didn’t stop there. After getting back to The Venetian (I don’t remember how), a bunch of us ended up in a cab to Crazy Horse Too. At this point I was severely smashed and kept buying lap dances for my crew. Towards the end of the night/morning, this one girl was telling me her life story and the sad tale of how she ended up in Vegas. I think I tried to marry her. Billy and I left the club and were surprised that it was 7:00AM and really bright out.

Saturday wasn’t as crazy, but still plenty of fun. Reilly got private seating at Rain (The Palms) and the Grey Goose was flowing. There weren’t any girls this time (until Jennie fetched some), but I didn’t need one since I spent much of the night with a really incredible woman. We talked a lot and I shared more of my feelings than I should have, but I think I understand her more and I hope she better understands how I feel about her. I was just extremely jazzed to spend time with her. Half of me wants her to remember everything, but it’s probably better if she doesn’t.

Here are the rest of the pics from Light.

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