I Can Do Things No Man Can Do… …see things …

I Can Do Things No Man Can Do…

…see things no man can see. Carlos, Amber, and I looked at this old loft apartment in Potrero Hill. It’s totally the loft that the ’70s forgot. There’s lots of light, it’s a block and a half from Farley’s, and it’s only $1,600 (two bedrooms). I would totally move there if I were moving sooner. Oh well.

After the requisite stop to Farley’s — saying goodbye to Heidi again — the three of us caught up with Jennie for dinner. Then the three from The OC (rhyming is fun) went to Buddha…where Carlos and Amber were introduced to Ng Ka Py…and the two of them learned to play liar’s dice…and were introduced to more Ng Ka Py…and Amber’s scarf was ruined forever.


I had an interesting conversation this evening. She called in tears about her loser boyfriend. And I did the best I could to be supportive and to try to help her realize how wonderful she is. I said up front that there was no way I could talk to her without a heavy degree of bias, but I did what I could. Hopefully I helped her think some things through and maybe feel a little better.

Oh yeah, I’m apparently the sweetest guy she knows. And as history has taught us, the sweetest guys are forever single. Damn that Win a Date with Tad Hamilton movie for spreading the lie that the nicest guy can get the girl. It’s a shame so many teenagers will grow up thinking it can happen. Hmmm, it is an election year…perhaps I will run for an office of some sort just to make sure the children will no longer be lied to by sappy movies.

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