VD Valentine’s Day ended up being a lot of fun….


Valentine’s Day ended up being a lot of fun…probably because my original vision of hanging out in my room by myself with a large bottle of Grey Goose didn’t come to fruition. Since her boy was out of town, I hung with Jennie. We had the most adorable Potrero Hill date. We had dinner at Chez Maman, she had ice cream at Scoop, and we had coffee at Farley’s. It was super nice that I got to see Heidi before she leaves. Hopefully I’ll catch up with her in a few weeks in New York.

After hanging on The Hill, we went to a small karaoke gathering in J-Town. It was pretty cool. I needed a break from large crowds, and karaoke usually evolves (?) into a large mass of drunken people in a not-very-large room. The small crowd was grealy appreciated. There was a little hint of sadness towards the end of the night — there was a friend thing and a girl thing — but aside from that it was rad.

Today we went to Equinox at the top of the Hyatt at The Embarcadero. Revolving restaurants are cool and the brunch was most yummy. Brandy introduced me to the anti-mimosa: champagne and cranberry juice. I was definitely enjoying it.

Oh yeah, the Yankees rule! Welcome aboard A-Rod…I never said anything bad about you.


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