Dazzled The SOE party was interesting. One of t…


The SOE party was interesting. One of the first people I bumped into was a marketing guy from that company discussed in that column that can’t be mentioned. We talked out a few things (he was a little drunk) and I think it helped a little. I didn’t think I was going to shoot that night, but I ended up doing two spots. I was buzzed for one of them and drunk for the other. I’m pretty sure they both turned out pretty crappy. Oh well, lesson learned: thou shall not do television tapings when inebriated.

So I spent much of the evening drunk and much of it being charmed by a most dazzling woman. It ended up being a really fun evening and a really fun morning. “Wow!” is all I can really say about her.

I went down to Redwood Shores earlier today to check out an EA game and catch up with some old pals. It was a fun visit and I’m really jazzed about the game. I usually don’t blog about games, but it’s a boxing title and boxing is one of my favorite sports. It’s going to be pretty rad.

Hmmmm, I think there’s karaoke tomorrow. That beats my original Valentine’s Day plan of being alone in my room with a bottle of Grey Goose.

Pics pics pics!

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