Flyboy Three flights in one day. Five in two da…


Three flights in one day. Five in two days. Six in three days. Any way you slice it, it was pretty silly.

Ricardo was cracking me up. He called the little prop planes we were flying in “La Bamba Planes.” He also suggested that we get some 40s of OE and pour it in the street to mourn the burning of Yamagiwa Soft. Dang, that place served me well during my last trip to Japan. I found gifts for Jennie and me there.

Oh, here are the pics from Bend.

A funny thing happened in Bend: I had a crush for the first time in months! Ever since I ended that relationship, I haven’t been falling in love every five minutes like before…but there was this waitress. She looked like Amy Smart, but had a heavy lisp and was really conscious of it. I wanted to take her away and let her know that she could say whatever she wants to me and I wouldn’t think anything but the world of her. Hmmm, perhaps my lack of crushes was a brief lapse of maturity…or I’m regressing.

So it looks like I’m moving just a tad later than expected. I should be up in San Francisco during the first week of April, which means I have to look for a place in early March…which could be challenging since that month looks silly with travel. I’ll figure it out though.

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