Un-Vegas Two drinks, no gambling, and lots of w…


Two drinks, no gambling, and lots of work over six days…. Tradeshows sure take the fun out of Las Vegas. Actually, it could have been worse, but covering CES was far more tiring than it should have been. The company didn’t get me a hotel with broadband, so my crew trekked to Kinko’s/Starbuck’s every night to work.

As a lovely prelude to the show, one of our executives implied that I didn’t need to be at CES that long and I was there to hang out and party. That was total bullshit; all the tradeshow coverage I’ve done in the past has been solid and this year was no exception. Considering the poor working conditions I was given, I’m really proud of everything that I wrote, edited, and managed. I’d like to pay for the legal costs so that the aforementioned executive can change his name to DICK (all caps).

By the end of the show I was tired and moody. I actually went off on The Kid twice. The first time he kind of deserved it, but the second time was all me. I still feel really bad that I laid into him the way I did. My temper got so nasty that I actually scared myself for a bit.

Still, it was fortunate that Jon was there to keep things goofy, Justin was there to keep me from behaving badly, and Jennie was around to keep things funny with her ever-present laughter. I might have really lost it without them.

Oh well, I’m off to San Francisco for an Atari event and some television stuff. I get back home on Wednesday night and go back for the weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to see the person I want to see, though I’m not sure if she wants to spend time with me.

And to make my life seem comparatively pathetic, Garvey found a girlfriend. Ouch.

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