H-B-Ray Carlos and Matt threw a splendid new ye…


Carlos and Matt threw a splendid new year’s party. Unlike my recent drunken exploits, I actually remember most of what happened.

I had at least 12 shots and a large cup of Veuve. My reward was a spectacular headache the next morning.
At one point, I thought I was “The Hearbreak Kid” (HBK) Shawn Michaels. I even tuned up the band and tried to give someone Sweet Chin Music. The kick must have been pretty high since my groin feels stretched.
Cookie ended up driving me home since I was in no condition to go to IHOP with him, Steve, Carlos, and Ben.
I made an Aragorn speech on the porch.
I wore my new Nat Nast shirt. Nat Nast has supplanted Miu Miu as my monthly fave.
I proclaimed that I am to be Ryan’s pimp when we move to San Francisco.
I made two drunken phone calls (though I only remember one).

The one thing I totally didn’t remember was Zena. Steve mentioned that I was hitting on some (engaged) girl that wandered into the party. He (drunkenly) thought I was being slick, which probably means I was smooth as gravel. I may or may not have tried to kiss her. Since I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.

Ha! Oh well, enjoy the pics.

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