Make That Four Wow, the weirdness/coolness cont…

Make That Four

Wow, the weirdness/coolness continues. Firstly, San Francisco was lots of fun. It was one of the rare times I came out of a situation getting answers that did not lead to more questions. I partied with my IGN brothers, spent time with a wonderful girl, had a productive business meeting, got a hicky (how childish!), and saw my girls at the coffeehouse. All the travel, all the thinking, and all the emotional stuff (and a little of the drinking, tee-hee) has left me really…floopy.

It’s funny, I found business reasons to go up there just so I could see a girl. Christian and Ben have surmised that I push my San Francisco travel because I miss my friends and my life up there, but I’ve never really forced a trip like this before. It was worth it to see her.

Oh yeah, take the Raymond Test please.

And the big news is that I’m going to be on a fourth television station! On Monday I’m supposed to go to the ESPN Zone to do a little clip for the Monday Night Football post-game show. Wow. That’s ABC on prime time. I’m totally comfortable doing the cable stuff…but this has me a little nervous and way excited. Ha!

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