Britney in Japan The Final Fantasy XII stuff ha…

Britney in Japan

The Final Fantasy XII stuff has been fun. The unveiling at Roppongi Hills was neat and today’s interview session was cool. There was one odd moment when I asked Yoshida-san a pretty hard question and he was all, “Wow, you don’t mess around.” He was having fun with it, but I felt bad since he’s part of my favorite design team ever.

Today I did lots and lots of walking and exploring. In the morning I walked around Shinjuku some more. I’m pretty familiar with the area around the hotel. Later on we (Billy, Scooter, Bryan, Charlotte, and two white guys) went to Ueno in search for this toy store my friend Andy recommended. It took a long time and lots of asking for direction, but we found it.

Next we went to Shibuya and walked around lots. I bought the Japanese edition of the new Britney album since it has two tracks the U.S. version doesn’t. There’s actually a few CDs I want. Let it Be…Naked sounds cool from the few tracks I’ve heard. The Michael Jackson compilation is pretty neat. And the new Bon Jovi stuff looks like fun. Wow, I want three albums and none of them are indie-pop…very weird.

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