Star Power I had a lovely time in San Francisco…

Star Power

I had a lovely time in San Francisco (surprise!). Rob showed me a game and there was this PR conference I went to. Wednesday night I had dinner with Jennie, Jarik, and Lindsey. It was nice to hang out with three other Asians for the first time in forever (that doesn’t mean I don’t love you my pale-faced pals). After dinner Jennie and I went to The Clift where all sorts of PR people were mingling. And finally I had a really nice talk with the drunk girl that bedded me a few weeks ago (*snicker*).

Some dude was hitting on Jennie at The Clift and he was bugging me. So I started speaking obnoxiously about myself. I think I had a run where I said, “Yeah, I’m on three television stations right now and do some web video. I’m a pretty big deal. McQuaid, get me a drink!” Unfortunately it didn’t repel him.

We just wrapped a shoot a few minutes ago. I’m pretty beat and got tons to do tomorrow. November sucks sometimes, but there are worse things I could be doing than writing about games. Ha!

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