Majestic Weekend I got to see my favoritest ban…

Majestic Weekend

I got to see my favoritest band in the world on Saturday. Since The Fairways broke up, Majestic is the lucky band that gets the prestigious distinction of being my #1. They haven’t played in over a year and it totally showed. I had fun hearing the songs and all, but hopefully next time they’ll be better. They opened for Pine*am (Playing Intense Neutral Electronica AdnauseAM) who were kinda neat. Their sound had heavy guitars, dorky keyboards, and cute Japanese girly vocals. Strip away the vocals and the sound is totally what Halcyon (one of my two college bands) would have sounded like if Manish wasn’t such a egoist.

My shoppertainment (thanks Christian) continues. I bought this nifty wallet from JFold. I decided I was too old to carry around a Pokemon wallet. And it was annoying that my old wallet cracked whatever credit card was in the top slot. Plus this wallet is cool and perforated and has sky blue highlights.

I also found this coupon for free toner at Reflect. I’m sure I won’t like it as much as my Kiehl’s stuff, but it was free and my name is on the bottle. They sent me another coupon for free cleanser with the purchase of moisurizer. I might get it just so I have three bottles of skin-care products that have my name on it: raymond’s cleanser, raymond’s toner, and raymond’s moisurizer. How cute!

All this shopping to make me feel better has me feeling a bit shallow. Outside of boxing, I’m not really doing anything to improve myself or help anyone these days. Yeah, I know it’s cool to do stuff for me, but it’s my nature to care for others more. Kitten once said, “Sometimes you and I are really altruistic and want to care for everyone and everything. We wake up thinking we can change the world. Sometimes we wake up and just want a new pair of shoes.”

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