Occupational Shopping Since I’m on multiple tel…

Occupational Shopping

Since I’m on multiple television stations and web video, I’m totally taking advantage of the fact that I can now deduct clothing, haircuts, skin care, and hair care. I pretty much spent my entire Q3 bonus already. In addition to my customary order from Kiehl’s, I bought three Prada shirts, an Armani jean jacket, a Triple 5 Soul shirt, two Tommy Hilfiger shirts, a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans, and a pair of Paul Frank wristbands. Rannie always quotes Tony and calls me a label whore, but I’m really just a fan of clothing design. I don’t really care who makes it; I just like simple, yet interesting lines with an understated style. Oh, I also raided Lush in my last trip to San Francisco. Bath bombs are entirely necessary.

I received some interesting news today. Someone very dear to me took a really significant step in her life. I’m mostly thrilled for her because it’s a huge and wonderful thing, but I’m a little melancholy since it also represents a big step away from what we were. Steve says it’s for the best…and he’s right…but I know that for a very long time that part of me will wish things could go back to the way they were and perhaps a part of me will always wish that I could have gone down a very different path with her.

When Raina and I were talking last week, she mentioned a friend that she “would be dating in another universe.” I know that in another universe I’d be with this aforementioned lady. I’m pretty sure that I’d be the happiest version of me in that universe too. I’m not going to dwell on it (much) anymore since I’ve done that for years already and that part of our relationship is over now. It’s fine that we have special places in each other’s hearts.

I think I’ll get a haircut tomorrow.

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