Don’t Call it a Comeback My arms are sore. I’m …

Don’t Call it a Comeback

My arms are sore. I’m guessing it was because for the first time in like 18 or 19 months I was boxing! It was fun, but weird. My new gym is in a temporary spot so it’s not set up properly. Working the heavy bag on carpet was odd. Not having a round clock was really annoying. Still, it was just awesome to let the hands go. The jab is okay. The left hook is still decent. And I still have the lamest right ever. My footwork was really off, but that was expected. Hopefully I’ll go boxing after the Yankee game tonight.

Oh, I found another camera I want. Perhaps I don’t want to lug around a digital SLR after all.

And guess what? I’m going to San Francisco again on Thursday. It should be cool. I think Rob and/or Jeff are going, so it’ll be cool to see the cutest ‘mo couple in gaming.

I had a nice lunch with Xtina today. I’m really excited about her moving to New York (I’ve decided you’re going to Columbia). Everyone should live in Manhattan once. Oh, and thanks for letting me play my little game… even if you didn’t let me grab your ass (*joke*).

I’m looking forward to Thursday.

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