Winning it All I love it when the Yankees win. …

Winning it All

I love it when the Yankees win. Over the last eight years I’ve witnessed some incredible Yankee victories. Their ALCS victory over Boston was rad. I was over Cbake‘s house, watching the game with him and Greg (a Red Sox fan *snicker*). Chris was nice enough to put up with me parading around his apartment and screaming when the Yankees made their awesome comeback.

Anyway, this San Francisco trip felt a little more rushed than last week. I had one more company to see than I did last week, but one less day to see them all in. The last two nights had really…unexpected happenings. They were both really fun, though the more entertaining one was also more draining (geez woman…you kept me up until 6:00AM!). Hopefully I’ll get to do it again (minus the projectile portions of the evening).

Seeing all the industry peeps over the last two weeks prompted many of them to ask, “So when are you moving back?” To which I replied, “I’m working on it.” Which was often met with, “Really?” I’d just give a coy smile and walk away.

Here are more pics for your amusement.

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