Dynamics After the EA event today, I went to Zi…


After the EA event today, I went to Ziff to bug some friends and distract them from work. Even though there are lots of different personalities there and not everyone gets along all the time, each magazine seems to be on the same page when it’s closing time. I wish it was like that where I worked. There are so many rifts and so many misunderstandings — most of which get swept under the rug and never get resolved. The company as a whole is doing really well, but my little corner of it could be much better. Also, it’s annoying going to these events by myself and seeing the competition have at least three editors and a cameraman at each one.

Work stuff aside, it was pretty wonderful being here. The weather was wonderful today — cool enough for a light hoodie, but warm enough that it’s still cozy. I took the bus from Ziff back to my hotel. I miss public transportation (even if San Francisco’s should be much better). It was cool seeing and hanging with the boys. There’s a chance I’ll be here next week from Tuesday to Friday. Ah, escapism through press events.

Here are some pics from the eighth and ninth. No dorky captions this time.

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