‘Til You Drop A weekend of working, being in a …

‘Til You Drop

A weekend of working, being in a dour mood, and bumming because you missed a trip to Vegas to celebrate one of your best friend’s birthdays…what can you do to make you feel better? Shop of course. In between playing games and typing stuff about them I scoured this internet thing to shop shop shop. Since I’m tethered by my lack of a car and having to work, I-shopping was the only way to go. And boy did I find some nifty deals.

– I bought two pairs of jeans at the Eddie Bauer Online Outlet for $50.71 with shipping and tax.

– I found this awesome coupon for 40 percent of Dr. Martens. I snagged three pairs of shoes for $146.86 with shipping. I don’t like most Docs, but for 40 percent off I found some marginal ones that I’ll love for the price.

– None of my shopping runs are complete with some hair-care/face-care products. So I placed an order at Kiehl’s. Nothing was on sale, but I buy this stuff anyway so I figured I’d complete my virtual shop-a-thon. Besides, lately the people in the stores have been stingy with the samples and you always get three ordering online.

Even though I’m still not in the best of moods, shopping made me feel a little bit better. Sometimes I’m such a girl.

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