Assorted Updates – I ended up buying the camera…

Assorted Updates

– I ended up buying the camera. Ryan bought one so I felt the need to validate his purchase by buying one too. Besides, it makes me happy.

– I conked out for the entire bus ride to Narita, most of the flight to Los Angeles, and the entire 15-minute flight to The OC.

– I wasn’t able to upgrade on the way home. Fortunately I had the first row in coach so I had plenty of space. Still, I’ve been spoiled by the service in business class. I haven’t been on a flight longer than four hours where I didn’t upgrade myself. Four-plus hours on coach blows. I need the pampering, better amenities, and superior food.

– Ryan and I had a delicious lunch buffet before I left for Narita.

– I miss Japanese soda.

– Check out my CosPlay pictorial, Japanese soda pictorial, Pokemon pictorial, and Akiba pictorial.

– I did a pair of video interviews in Tokyo. They’re not so good…but I know I’ll get better at it–my charm is too powerful. My favorite part was complaining about my crap interviews to Ryan after we shot them. It was totally Larry Sanders complaining to Artie. The first one is up here.

– My mood is pretty strange. I had a nice time in Tokyo, but I missed Justin being there. I’ve gained so much weight over the last two months and for the first time in years I am totally single. All this has added up to me getting into that internally angry place where I’m all sunny on the outside but it’s raining in my heart (I stole that from Whitesnake). The good thing is that I diet and exercise better when I’m like this.

– As you can infer from my posting time, my sleep schedule is way messed up. I should go to bed now.

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