Nippon Birthday Last weekend’s party was fun. I…

Nippon Birthday

Last weekend’s party was fun. I honestly don’t remember most of it, but after seeing much of it on tape, it looked like a really good time. I guess there was just something missing. I was talking to Raina about it before the party and I started to say, “Outside of Steve and Phuong-Mai there isn’t….” She tried to complete the sentence saying, “Anyone there that matters?” That was pretty mean of her and not at all what I meant. I guess I just wanted more people around that have known me for a long time and know what’s inside my heart. Still, it was a drunken good time.

The “off” feeling I had regarding my party makes me wonder if the wanderlust is going to strike me soon. I don’t know exactly what it is I’m looking for, but I’m pretty sure it’s not in Irvine. It’s not that anything is bad, but many things are so “eh.”

So I flew to Japan on Monday. I was able to upgrade myself to business class for only 15,000 miles. That ruled. It was the most pleasant 11-hour flight I’ve ever been on. I slept a lot, watched three movies, drank some mimosas, drank some shiraz, drank some Bailey’s & coffee, and listened to some music. I was nice and visited my pals in coach. Hopefully I can upgrade on the way back.

Jet lag is such a m*therf&cker though. I remember my pre-25 years when jet lag was beneath me. Now it hits me worse year after year. If I don’t need the miles, perhaps I won’t go to Japan next year. Then again, who knows where I’ll be in September ’04.

Tokyo is colder and damper than it was this time last year. The most disappointing thing is that King’s Head in a Gravy Boat is no more. Last year Justin, Jon, Ben, and I ate (often) at this lovely katsu place that had a vending machine outside where you’d order your food. You’d then plop the ticket on the counter and they’d serve it up. It was yummy, novel, and cheap. Sadly, it’s gone.

Today is my birthday. I spent most of it at Polyphony. The office was really rad and a bunch of us cheapo journos abused the free vending machines. Before the trip I asked a bunch of friends to get together for some birthday bashing, but I’m just feeling jet laggy. I probably should have some fun before the real work starts, but I’m just not into it.

Oh yeah, my mom sent me a really sweet birthday card. There was just one weird part in it. All of the sudden, it seems, she wants me to find someone. She’s never really bothered me about it before — outside of wanting me to marry Kim — but I guess she’s getting worried. Oh mother, if you only knew how ridiculous my dating life was over the past few years and how barren it is now…. Heh, I guess she has reason to worry.

Hey Ali, thanks for card! I wasn’t expecting it and it made me happy.

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