Today Wow. Today has been most fabulous — Farl…


Wow. Today has been most fabulous — Farley’s and rabbits and books and trees and walks and an amazing companion. There’s so much I could write about today, but I like having that little piece of joy to myself.

It’s funny how someone could be so admired that they almost have fans. I can’t imagine what that’s like — walking into a room, having all eyes on you, and being almost universally revered. What’s funnier is that at the end of the day, when we’re alone, you’re my fan. That’s difficult for me to write because it sounds so egotistical, but you said it, not me. It’s kind of neat having that as our secret. You make me feel treasured and adored, and it’s cool because normally I wouldn’t know what to do with that, but with you it’s natural and comfortable.

I guess that’s the best part, because we can just be around each other. We don’t have to put on an act or turn up the charm like we so often have to do. No matter what kind of mood we’re in or how we’re changing or what we’re going through, we’ll always be each other’s fan.

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