Sports Nights The sporty lifestyle continues in…

Sports Nights

The sporty lifestyle continues in Irvine. Big ups to James for playing tennis with me on Monday night. I needed to blow off some steam and I really appreciate him being around to smack some tennis balls. The match was really fun. James played the best he has all year. I wasn’t in any danger of losing or anything. In fact, I played overly aggressive and went for a lot of shots that I knew I probably wouldn’t make. Still, it was super cool when I made them. I ended up winning 6-3, 6-4. On Sunday Phu had his best match against me; I beat him 7-5. I served so poorly that match that it irritated me.

Like most Tuesdays in The OC (*giggle*), it was volleyball night. It was pretty good. Steve made some sick dives. James had his usual solid game. And Elwin had some wicked hits (damn his youth and vertical leap). Ben got really annoyed at me though. I was trying to organize points and attempting to play properly. James and Steve were down with the plan, but Ben just likes hitting it over — instead of bump/set/spike — and was annoyed at my coaching. I understand that we’re just playing for fun and all, but I do get competitive and I do really, really, really dislike losing. It’s not like any of us are any good, but at least some of us are trying to get better, so I didn’t get his attitude. To check myself, I asked Steve and James about it and they pretty much feel the same was I do. I guess I feel guilty because my competitiveness during volleyball has bothered Christian and Ben.

I wonder how long volleyball will continue. We quit around October last year because of holiday rush. With tennis and boxing (and possibly basketball), I’m not sure how much time there will be for volleyball. Then again, it’s not like I have anything to do aside from work so maybe I’ll be all Bo Jackson.

Ray knows tennis.

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