Trivial Pursuits Hmmmmm, I really thought I was…

Trivial Pursuits

Hmmmmm, I really thought I wasn’t going to drink again until my birthday party. I must have meant starting…now! Steve and I went to Bryn’s place last night for dinner, drinks, and merriment. Mrs. Bryn cooked a most delicious chicken curry. The spice level had to be kicked down a notch because Cookie is a big puff and can’t handle the spice. Despite the lack of tear-inducing spices, it was so delicious. Thankfully there was this super hot mango chutney and a less hot, but extremely tasty, lime chutney. The dinner was fabulous, I must have drank a bottle and a half of wine, and the company was lovely. We all got really drunk and played a drinking version of Trivial Pursuit.

I had an interesting talk/semi-confrontation with this boy at work. Apparently he was not very happy with me for spending time with this girl he’s enamored with. I think we talked it all out and everything is cool…it was just a really weird situation.

A few people at the office have wondered why I’ve been glowing lately. I’ve been so jazzed on life that I’m hopping around the office, spilling soda on my keyboard, trying to get everyone to be as happy as I am, etc. It’s kind of a weird feeling. I’ve been used to having some ridiculous situation in the back of my mind and heart, but being liberated from it has left me with a really interesting sense of freedom. So many more things seem possible to me and I just feel like I have the potential to do so much.

On second thought, happy Raymond is totally weird. Hopefully my normally morose and moribund self will return shortly.


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