The Date I just had a perfectly lovely date wit…

The Date

I just had a perfectly lovely date with a most wonderful girl. I’m not sure if there’s anywhere else for this to go, but for one night it was fantastic.

Towards the beginning of the date I got a phone call from one of the most phenomenal people I know. She yelled, “Aren’t you on a date right now?!? Why are you picking up the phone?!?” I totally had to break and laugh. She called immediately after and left a sweet voicemail. It really meant a lot to me that she checked in — big time.

Like most females, she perplexes me. She considers herself average in every way, but that’s not what I see at all. I felt very fortunate to be out with a funny, charming, spunky, beautiful, and witty lady. My absolute favorite thing about her is that she has a much deeper understanding of fun and happiness. It’s something I really admire and want to learn from her, since one of my primary talents is finding new and creative ways to make myself miserable. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to learn what her heart knows so well.

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