Laguna Beached I just got back from a drunken a…

Laguna Beached

I just got back from a drunken adventure in Laguna Beach with Steve, Bryn, Rachel, Ben, and James. I got really hammered, which is usually an odd occurence, but since I’ve been getting slammed all week I figured I’d keep it up. After drinks in a nice restaurant and more drinks at a bar, we ended up on the beach. I learned my lesson after ending up in the ocean after following Leah, so I didn’t go in the water this time. Highlights/lowlights include:

– Rachel was hilarious. She was ragging on Bryn the whole time and was the one that went running to the ocean. She rocks.

– Steve buried James’ shoes in the sand, which made James more pissed than I’ve ever seen him before.

– James, Steve, and I drove back in Steve’s car, which might not have been the smartest thing since he was probably the most drunk.

– I met this cute blonde girl names Christine. It was going pretty cool until Steve messed it up and she ran off.

– I was one drink away from yakking at the bar.

– One of the reasons I didn’t go in the ocean was because I really liked the shoes I had on. Priorities.

– There was tequila shots, vodka shots, B-52s, and lemon drops. What a silly mix.

– I really don’t want to drink again for a long, long time.

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