Face Down in Cabo Wow. That Cabo trip was so in…

Face Down in Cabo

Wow. That Cabo trip was so incredible. I SO didn’t want to leave. A bunch of us actually considered throwing our careers away to sell silver on the beach. The hotel wasn’t the nicest I’ve stayed in, but it might have been the most enjoyable; the room was lovely, the service was fantastic, and the food was grand. It was such a self-contained paradise that any thoughts of hitting the town vanished in seconds (though I do want to go to Sammy Hagar’s cantina one day.)

Tuesday I got really hammered. Nine shots of tequila will do that to me. After getting blitzed, a bunch of us went to the pool. DouglASS was totally ripped and attempted to drown many of us. For his next act, he took off one of the railings off the pool stairs. He swung it around, but it on top of his head (like bull horns), and yelled at people to, “Come into my pool!!!” It was actually pretty funny, but security busted him so we went back to the bar.

Wednesday I didn’t think I would drink…but then I had five shots of tequila. This time we got kicked out of two different pools. The last pool we were at had a smaller pool six feet down, so we jumped from one pool to the other. Security busted us the second time at 2:30 AM. That Office Suarez is a most worthy adversary.

So those were the last two nights. The days were filled with checking games and drinking in the pool. This was by far the best press junket I ever went on. The setting was posh, the vibe was awesome, and everyone was really into it. Like I said last time, it was nearly perfect to be soaking in a pool with a beautiful hotel to my back, the ocean in front of me, the sun on my face, a drink in my hand, and PR girls drunkenly dancing.

I wish those Cabo nights and days lasted forever. Taking the extra time off to go early was the smartest thing I’ve done all year. This is the best I’ve felt all year. I’m just truly relaxed and happy. Getting away from the cell phone, the Internet (mostly), and my stupid girl problems AND going to paradise was the most unforgetable time I’ve had in like forever.

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