Bye Bye Bye The last two days have been all sor…

Bye Bye Bye

The last two days have been all sorts of fun, but with a hint of melancholy. Tony and Brandy are visiting. It’s really cool to see them. We went out for a bite to eat before heading to Carlos’ and Matt’s party. Lots of interesting things happened, and not just because I got drunk. Somehow I ended up hanging out in the ocean with a bunch of people. The water was really warm (or I was really drunk) and the company was fun. I strolled off for a bit because I was thinking about Raina and missing her going-away party, so I wrote a note to her in the sand. Hey, it seemed like a good idea when I was drunk.

Eventually I got home, where Steve and I decided to hang out on the porch, smoke, and talk about our feelings and the future. I ended up crashing at 5:00 AM, only because I needed rest for tennis the next morning. There’s a lot I’m leaving out, but I’ll speak on that when I sort it all out in my head.

Amazingly, I was able to wake up for my 10:00 AM tennis match with Phu and Adrienne. I had a pretty killer headache for the first half hour or so, but I was able to shake it off. It was fun playing with Tony. His footwork and timing were way off, but he has a strong understanding of how doubles is supposed to be played. After tennis, we BBQ’d and hung out at the pool for several hours. And finally we went to the Angels/Tigers game. Damn the Tigers suck.

Oh yeah, I got this random email from a girl. I was going to do my typical find-some-ridiculous-flaw-so-I-don’t-have-to-talk-to-her thing, but Kate made me write her back. She seems pretty neat, but she’s a little far (South Bay). I guess we’ll see.

Hmmmm, gotta pack for my Cabo trip.

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