All things considered… …last week went a lo…

All things considered…

…last week went a lot better than I thought it would. After getting the Heisman over AIM and knowing I would be seeing The Girl and the… supreme *sshole, the week turned out being pretty fun. My coworkers and I ended up playing volleyball on Thursday and Friday night. It was a lot of fun, though my lower back tells me otherwise in the morning. Saturday I saw American Wedding, which was incredibly funny. And today, I played tennis with Phu. I also spent time at the pool/hot tub each night. So even though I got rejected over AIM (which is a really interesting experience), last week was plenty fun.

Oh, I also discovered that fries can also be ordered “animal style.” What an amazing revelation.

Tennis was interesting. Phu wasn’t playing with his own racquet, so he wasn’t at his best. I was suprised that I could still serve reasonably well. I felt pretty good about my serve in the deuce court. Serving from the ad side wasn’t as good, but definitely enough to get by. Aside from timing, which I knew would be off since this was the first time I played this year, the biggest thing missing was my first step. When you get a short ball to charge, your natural instinct is to take a half step back and push off. 13 years ago(damn that’s depressing), my footwork was so keyed that I never took the step back and was always able to react and charge. These days, it takes a sec to see the ball, another to step back, and another to spring forward. Yes, this tennis talk is boring, but it’s my stupid blog so I can talk about whatever I want.

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