Young Guns II So apparently construction paper …

Young Guns II

So apparently construction paper and crayons isn’t as charming as I thought…. Actually, she seemed to like my juvenile concoction, but wasn’t so hot on the messenger. In the immortal words of Jon Bon Jovi, I was, “Shot down, in a blaze of glory.” Oh well. I had to try. She’s too rad and too different from the other girls I know not to have tried. It still really sucks though.

Phu and I went to the gym tonight. On the way I saw this guy walking his girlfriend to his car, making sure she was good to go, and kissing her goodbye. If Phu wasn’t with me I wonder if I would have kicked his ass after his lady drove off — the thought crossed my mind. It just aggravated me to see such a lovely couple.

My dearling Kate, thanks for being there for me. It was nice to have you there listening and I really, really wished I could hug you and grab some coffee with you at Farley’s. I know that you know I wasn’t in a much better mood from when you called to when we hung up, but just having you there was great. Just like old times, huh? Though I’m used to both of us being miserable at the same time. Damn that wrestling idiot of yours. (I’m kidding.)

Tomorrow night it’s likely that I’ll bump into the patron saint of *sshole guys that always get the girl. I really hope I get plastered tomorrow and I really hope I belt him one (left hook, natch). But I probably won’t. Hmmmm, The Girl will probably be there tomorrow night too. And…

“…all the pieces of my life are falling right into place.”

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