Titans Together! Wow, Teen Titans was nothing l…

Titans Together!

Wow, Teen Titans was nothing like I expected it to be. George Perez would be rolling in his grave…except he’s not dead. The show is nothing like the Bruce Timm stuff (Batman, Superman, and Justice League). It’s very Japanese and totally goofy. At first I was weirded out by it, since Titans has always been one of my favorite DC books, but it grew on me.

Initially, my biggest turn off was Starfire. She’s supposed to be this voluptuous alien chick, but they made her younger and cuter and…well, flatter. But she’s so naive and adorable and kind that she quickly became my favorite. Raven is pretty neat too, but in a dark and gothic way. Tara Strong voices her really well; she gets the serious, monotone style totally down, which is really different from the chipper Batgirl she portrays.

It’s definitely a quirky take on a traditional comic. I imagine fans of the book will hate it, but I think it’s pretty fun. Now I must find an innocent, orange-skinned alien to be my girlfriend. That Robin has all the luck.

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