"NY Cuisine Checklist" or "Walk this Way" New Y…

“NY Cuisine Checklist” or “Walk this Way”

New York bagel with lox and cream cheese — Check.
Knish with mustard — Check.
Dirty water hotdog with red onions and sauerkraut — Check.
Pizza — Check, check, check, and check.

Good, my list of New York City food is complete. I really miss the bagels, knishes, and pizza (especially pizza), but I could do without the hotdogs. Those things are pretty bad for you anyway. I do miss those onions in that lovely red sauce though. I wonder how those would taste on a tofu hotdog.

Driving into the city with my brother was practically tear inducing. I miss this town so much. Walking around was nearly breathtaking, but a wee bit off. I’ve always walked slowly for a New Yorker, but two and a half years in California has really thrown me off. My gait is just entirely wrong. It took a few hours of walking around to keep up with everyone and to roll my shoulder just right so as not to dislocate it or someone else’s during rush hour.

Still, I keep wondering if I could live here again. California has definitely made me soft. And I checked the Village Voice for rent prices. Check this: nice Manhattan studios start at $2,000. Ha! And all those people in San Francisco were complaining.

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