Homeward Bound I’m going to New York on Wednesd…

Homeward Bound

I’m going to New York on Wednesday–part work, part play. I’ll spend some time at home, watch Rob and Laurene get married, and visit a few companies. It should be pretty fun.

I had to buy new luggage for my trip since United broke mine and is trying to pass the blame to the government. I’m really happy with my Pathfinder carry-on, so I was going to buy a 26- or 29-inch bag. After going to the outlet, one of the ladies there said that they make a nearly identical bag for Costco under a different name–and for $80. Sure enough, I got a pretty sturdy piece of luggage for a great price.

June is going by swiftly. Last week I was in Los Angeles for two days. The end of this week and the beginning of next I’ll be in New York. Not being in the office has been really good for my mental health. Though I’m having really strange dreams lately–stuff about me having a kid with this girl and moving back home to be a single dad.

My dear Katherine called today and it was so lovely to hear from her. I wonder when I’ll see her next. It’s been far too long. I always see that idiot-wrestler boyfriend of hers (love ya dude), but never her. Dang, I thought being first had some priveleges (tee-hee).

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