Time Out Another E3 has come and gone. It was t…

Time Out

Another E3 has come and gone. It was tons of work–usually 16 to 18 hours a day, but it went by okay. It’s probably the most I’ve enjoyed work since I started; it really felt like a team for once. Of course it wasn’t as easy as last year. I didn’t have my buddy taking care of me. As expected, I bumped into The Girl. I think I handled it okay at best. She made all my doubts and insecurities surface, but I think I held it together until after she left.

Work has been extremely difficult this week–so much so that I’m taking the day off tomorrow. I really need to just get away from that place. I’m tired from last week and unhappy from this one.

Reggie might come by next week. He’s doing volunteer work in Mexico again. Thinking about the people he met while volunteering is helping me calm down and keep perspective. I keep thinking about that little boy he met. The boy practically had nothing, and when he was given some popcorn he happily ran around to share it with the volunteers. It’s wussy, but it almost makes me cry thinking about him. I need to use these thoughts to keep my work problems in check and draw strength from the boy’s amazing generosity.

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