Heartbreak… …Kid, that is. Ha! I bet you th…


…Kid, that is. Ha! I bet you thought this would be another installment of “Raymond’s Whiny Blogs.” Instead let’s flash back to two weeks ago. The city: Seattle. The event: WrestleMania XIX.

The match between “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and Chris Jerischo was phenomenal. It was, by far, the best match of the night. There was a moment in the middle when I laughed to myself because I never thought either of these guys would make it. When Shawn was in The Rockers, I always thought he was the lesser of the two. I always wondered, “Why is Janetty hanging out with this bum?” The first time I saw Jericho was at Lost Battallion Hall in Queens. It was an ECW card where he was fighting Cactus Jack. I was disappointed that Jack was wasting his time with some no-talent fool. Looks like I made the wrong call on both these guys because Jericho is a big star and Michaels has been one of the best for a long time.

Last Thursday I went to Austin, for what was supposed to be a pleasant overnight trip. Instead wind shear interrupted. I was supposed to connect in Denver, but because of wind shear, the plane was rerouted to Colorado Springs. Since there were so many diverted planes, we were stuck on the runway for two hours. It’s a damn good thing I had Pokemon with me. Anyway, we finally get back to Denver and it’s an hour until the next flight to Austin. So the trip became way more tiring. Working on Sunday didn’t help either. Blah.

So I am off to Monterey on Thursday, have on week where I don’t travel, and am off to Denver the following week. The Denver trip sounds like fun. Unfortunately it costing me two Yankees‘ games (sorry Steve!). That part kind of sucks. I miss my baseball team. Oh well, at least the season started and we’re that much closer to never hearing the phrase, “World Champion Anaheim Angels,” ever again.

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