A Box, a Toaster, or a Loaf of Bread? I’m on my…

A Box, a Toaster, or a Loaf of Bread?

I’m on my first San Francisco trip of 2003. I forgot how content I am sipping coffee at Farley’s, talking to a friend, and gushing over Tobie. It was lovely to see her. I got her a Di Gi Charat doll. She thought it was super cute, but didn’t realize it was for her at first. Then I told her, “Now he gets to live with you.” After that she ran across the counter and gave me one of her awesome Tobie hugs. I miss those.

The doll is a cat that lives in a square thing. I thought it was a box. Heidi thought it was a toaster. Tobie thought it was a loaf of bread. I hope Heidi is wrong on this one.

Speaking of Heidi, her paintings are up at Farley’s. She sold a whole bunch of them on Thursday night. They are so cool! I want to buy one, but I’m not sure how to get it back down to Irvine.

After coffee, Rannie and I went to see Old School. I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in a long time. It was totally funny, but it’s kind of sad that it’s the best movie I’ve seen in the theatres this year. After the movie we bumped into Jarik. The three of us went to Mel’s for something to eat before hanging out in the hot tub at The W. Jarik and I struck a work deal in the hot tub. Now only if I could get the PR girls to negotiate in a jacuzzi….

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