Hey Baby My friend Jeffrey Adam Young just had …

Hey Baby

My friend Jeffrey Adam Young just had a son. He’s so adorable— I think he’s part alien or something. I’ll call him soon to wish him and the wife well; I just don’t want to intrude this very second. I’m so jazzed for him.

It’s so weird watching my friends have kids. Watching them get married was only a little weird, but having children is so beyond my comprehension. So my friend has a child, a darling wife, and is doing some interesting work…

…and I’m in Irvine where I can’t get a date. I’m trying to get many aspects of my life in order, but I keep having setbacks. I’ve been able to press on, but the tank is almost empty. I need something good to happen soon or I’ll get into that listless place where I don’t want to try anymore.

At least my trip to Daytona was cancelled. I really didn’t care to go on that one. I’ve actually been home for almost two weeks straight. How strange.

This weekend I want to see an indie-pop show at the Troubadour. Hopefull Raina wants to go. I miss her muchly. I don’t remember the last time I saw her. I’ve been really bad about visiting people in L.A. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to go.

Ech, I forgot to make reservations for Las Vegas next week. I better to that today….

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