Road Warrior My next month on the road consists…

Road Warrior

My next month on the road consists of trips to Vegas, London, Daytona, Edmonton, Vegas, and San Jose. At this rate I’ll have 25,000 base miles on United before March. Hopefully the company will fix itself out of bankruptcy.

A few weeks ago I had a most wonderful weekend. I got to march in an anti-war protest and took care of a very strange woman too.

Last weekend I logged a bunch of pool hours while my pals in NY froze their asses off. Ha.

Vegas (the first trip) should be fun. I’ll get to see my best-friend-in-the-industry. Our friendship burgeoned while working out at the Luxor spa so we’ll probably do that. The Kid, Steve, and Jenny are coming for the weekend. Unfortunately–or fortunately depending on perspective–I didn’t get my expense and bonus checks, so I can’t gamble those. Perhaps that’s for the best since my card counting is rusty.

I don’t think I’m talking to The Girl anymore…at least not on a personal level. I feel pretty good about it.

Perhaps April will be my first month of staying in Irvine for 30 consecutive days…but I doubt it.

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